• Spud

    Our intrepid protagonist. Born and raised on the dark side of the moon (no relation to Pink Floyd), he now resides on Earth. In-cog-nito. In broad daylight to report back to his lunar peeps for their favourite pastime— playing practical jokes on Earthlings.


    Spud's ex-girlfriend. While she'll never admit to still having feelings for him, her fellow females are warned never to even think about looking at Spud.

    Trinculo guy

    A spy hailing from a moon of Uranus. This rival civilization is pent up on revealing Spud's peeps' favourite pastime to Earth. But they are quite a bumbling bunch.


    The narrator and beaver that lives in the tree in Spud's backyard on Earth. This is the comic pages, what did you expect?

  • The Sodium Bicarbonates

    A jazzy feline quartet that can never finish a concert because they always end up fighting on stage. From left to right:


    Piano, trumpet. Desperate, whipped boyfriend type, nervous. Ladies, he is so desperate for a date that he's always ready and willing to be your backup.


    Singer. Happy-go-lucky, impulsive, fearless. He's your best friend until he has a girlfriend. Ambitious and quick to step all over you to steal your woman. He's not a bad cat— he knows she's better off with him than you.


    Upright bass. Nosey, likes listening to other people's conversations. This sneaky little @#%* is more ninja than cat. Which comes in handy for the group's misadventures.


    Drums. Unexpected heart throb of the group, sedate, stutters. He's one of those guys you really hate because your woman will unceremoniously dump you for him.