• About the cartoonist


    Well hello there!

    I'm Daniele Rossi, creator of these SuperSpud comics. Thanks for dropping by.

    I've drawn comics ever since I can remember. On walls, in my various high school notebooks, dirty windshields, napkins and now, the iPad!

    My influences are Looney Tunes, Peanuts, Bloom County/Outland and Calvin & Hobbes.

    Spud was created some time in the early 1990s. Of all the cartoon characters I ever created throughout my life, none resonated more with me (and my friends) than Spud.

    He is a lot of fun to draw and place into nuttiest scenarios I can think up (poor guy).

    Over the years, Spud mooned the U.N., dated Willomina, went for a joy ride in a bus, was a caped superhero for a time, had a few mishaps in science and tried to drive standard. Most of my Spud comics are autobiographical and I'm still not allowed to enter U.N. premises.

    Like all aspiring cartoonists, I had dreams of publishing Spud comics. Fast forward to the Internet age, I'm a digital media head with web skillz and the tools to publish.

    I love experimenting with new digital tools. And this iPad edition of superspud.com is one of those adventures.

    Sp[ud gets trapped in Twitter

    As you have probably noticed, I'm a fan of the flicking feature.

    There is also a desktop version of superspud.com where you'll find a bunch of tech jokes there. Like this one on the left.

    Had a great time drawing this comic. It's full of Twitter and Internet memes I could think of
    (and fit).

    Sometimes I get a little artistic and actually get serious for a change. As you will see on the next screen...

  • sicMore of my cartooning work at ti-ger.org, a companion website to my audio podcast, Stuttering is Cool. Yup, I stutter and am #%*@ proud of it, too!

    Most recently, I co-founded Stutter Social. It's an online support group using Google Plus Hangouts. It went viral, too!

    I'm currently working on a buddy comic about stuttering. Spud will make an appearance in there, too.

    My mediums of choice?

    It all starts with pencil and paper. I love my digital gadgets but none of them can ever compare to the tactile feeling of the paper and eraser marks on my hands.

    You've probably deduced that I enjoy creating black and white comics. And that I like to use ink. For Super Spud, I use a regular pen.

    And I love my oil pastels. They produce such vibrant, textured colour.

    Which you'll see in the video on the next screen. You know the drill. Just swipe...

  • I love drawing!

    And when I'm not drawing or digital tinkering, I'm enjoying my other obsessions; going to the gym, listening to music and shortwave radio oddities, amateur photography and attending the latest social media meet up.

    Up for reading more about me? Head on over to danielerossi.ca. Tapping on this link will let you get in contact with me via email.